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Feeling Guilty About Crating Your Dog? Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Many people choose not to crate their dogs because they believe confining them in a small space is cruel. However, reputable training professionals and leading animal welfare groups including the HSUS, the ASPCA and Best Friends Animal Society believe that when done correctly crate training can be an effective training tool. Dogs Are Natural DenRead More

Keep Your Dog Safe: You’d be Surprised at What Toxins Are in Your Home

The Scott family were away for just half an hour and returned home to find Einstein, their Shih Tzu/silky terrier mix, had thrown up several times and was disoriented. He had gotten into a backpack and eaten some gum. An Internet search led the family to believe that since Einstein had thrown up he wouldRead More

6 Ways to Help Your Dog Overcome Cabin Fever

Many dogs enjoy the cold weather and love to play and romp in the snow but when temperatures plummet spending long periods of time outside can pose health risks for dogs. Veterinary experts at the American Veterinary Medical Association say that our dogs’ cold tolerance can vary based on their coat, body fat stores, activityRead More